Work business life balance

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (apologies folk) but it actually ties in nicely with this week’s post. Achieving a work business life balance. Now I’m working I’m finding it a lot harder to still attend tech events and work on Packed Munches. Luckily the work on Packed Munches hasn’t stopped but it has made me think about how to achieve a work business life balance. I haven’t really had much of a work business life balance because the reality is that when you’re starting up I think there is no such thing. Your start-up has to be your baby. If it doesn’t consume you and take all of your focus you’re not working on it hard enough. Controversial I know but so many start-ups fail not because they were bad ideas, or there wasn’t room in the market, but because people haven’t tried hard enough (at least that’s what I’ve read). I’ll let you know whether or not that’s the case in a year or so I guess.

In terms of a work business balance everything I’m doing with Free:Formers is progression for myself and therefore the business. In real terms what this means is that I’m waking up early every morning to try to plot the daily social media (or at least attempting to do so) and going to bed very late doing research, sending out emails and working on the business.

I don’t plan to wear myself out though, this weekend I’m taking the weekend off. Saturday I’m going to not one, but two house parties (exciting I know – call me Carrie please, lol). I’m not going to lie, I’ll be surrounded by fellow tech entrepreneurs so might use the opportunity to interview some off them! Fun times ahoy!

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