On being called to the Bar

Facebook did that amazing (read sarcasm) thing it does where it simultaneously reminds you of how old you are and makes you reflect on how far you’ve come. Seven years ago today I was called to the Bar. Seven years ago! Technically that means I’m a barrister – of sorts. I didn’t go onto practise at the Bar as  I thought I needed to have more world experience and life skills, so off I went to live in Paris and learn french… Haha to be young and naive again.

Now this wasn’t a part of my original life plan, yes I’m that girl that has her life planned out at the age of 6. I’m not sure what made me decide to go to Paris but it was the start of an amazing journey that led to some incredible life skills, all of which have bought me back to the beginning of a law career.

Initially when I saw the Facebook reminder I thought to myself

what would have happened if I hadn’t moved to Paris?

I could easily say that if I hadn’t gone, I’d probably be well into a legal career rather than at the beginning – but I also know that I’d also not have the unique life experiences behind me that have allowed me to get my current position, and allow me to excel in the workplace.

  • I’ve been published in an international legal journal
  • I’ve assisted with the submissions in and attended a case before the ECJ
  • I’ve been awarded three scholarships
  • I’ve mooted in Switzerland
  • I’ve lived in four countries
  • I’ve run my own business
  • I’ve learnt two foreign languages (well one plus I learnt to code)
  • I’ve worked in the European Commission

Most importantly I’ve learnt to be confident in myself and my skills, and that has led me to my greatest successes. So here am I at the beginning again, well halfway through to qualifying by alternative means (more on that another time),  and I can safely say that

there are no regrets.


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