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In my last post I mentioned that the founder of eRiple hooked me up with free coding classes. What he actually did was introduce me to Nick Hawkins, a young (baby-faced) tech entrepreneur, who is also a trainer at Free:formers. Now you shouldn’t be fooled by Nick’s baby-face because (as it the case with most young’uns nowadays) he has an insane amount of knowledge when it comes to both tech businesses and coding.

Tech Jam at Hub Islington - you can't see me but I'm in the far left back corner
Tech Jam at Hub Islington – you can’t see me but I’m in the far left back corner

Free:formers is a pretty cool simple idea. They run tech workshops that make tech easy. It’s a business with a social side, for every commercially paid workshop, they do a free session for young people in the community. Pretty cool huh! I’ve been going since November now and have managed to make an about me page, develop some app prototype ideas (check me out!) and even make changes to my business website that I would have had to pay a developer to do before! If you go to Packed Munches and scroll write down to the bottom – you see where it says ‘Packed Munches Ltd. Company Number 08825487’ and a bullet point, yep, you’ve guessed it – all me baby! Haha it’s the simple things in life that keep you happy.

Yet again I promise I was there - I'm not in this shot at all!
Yet again I promise I was there – I’m behind Duncan Peters (eRiple founder)  in the red t-shirt.

You can’t actually see my face in any of the pictures, I’m convinced Nick deliberately chooses the ones that I’m obscured in. My shine is obviously too bright for him to handle :p

Anyway you can find out more Free:former Techjams  by emailing nick@freeformers.com

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