Digital progression = Free:formers

It’s taken four months but I’ve now added some legitimacy to my claim to be a techie. Which reminds me, I guess I should at some point declare that I am fully fledged trekkie. I’m talking old school Star Trek not the new stuff (don’t get me wrong, I love the new films too but you can’t beat Captain Picard controversial I know). Anyway back to the topic, as of last week I became the latest trainer for Free:formers. Free:formers essentially help businesses to engage with the digital world through workshops. So what I hear you ask?  Well, they’re also pretty amazing. The workshops aren’t your typical workshop but are fun and engaging resulting in apps being developed and other cool stuff. In addition, and the biggest selling factor to me, they operate a 1 to 1 model. So for every corporate workshop delivered, they also deliver the same workshop to young people between the ages of 16-25 to give them the skills they need to get into work. Social enterprise yay!

As you can see from the picture above my first week (technically 3 days but you should always round up) was pretty rewarding. Some may argue that I’ve clearly been bought with Champagne and chocolate and to those naysayers I would say, yes, yes I have.

In all seriousness though the training I’ve received in the few days I’ve been here thus far has been really useful for me personally, and they’re encouraging of the staff having projects on the side. Obviously Packed Munches is a bit more than a project but quite a few of the staff members have businesses they operate and Free:formers are completely supportive of this  (you’ll notice that Nick’s t-shirt in the picture above is actually one for his app Brisk). I’ll post later in the week a bit about the difficulties of fitting in in the tech scene and balancing full-time work with running a business but for now I have some Champagne waiting to be drunk.

p.s. Don’t worry, I’m not completely delusional. I realise I’m very far from being a techie, but you know, it sounds good :p

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