Can you learn how to be an entrepreneur?

There are pretty much two camps when it comes to this question. Those that believe you either are born with an entrepreneurial ability, and those that believe you can be taught how to the be next Richard Branson. What if they’re both right? Well I’m going to put this theory to the test by both running a business and learning how to start a business at the same time. What? Madness I hear you say. I know, I know – what can I say, I’m a rebel!

Learning how to run a business:

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been accepted onto the 2015 cohort of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation (NEF) programme. This is an intensive 12 month programme that teaches the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey. Throughout the 12 months I’ll attend workshops and networking nights, complete assignments and develop a company from inception to pitching all whilst working in a sponsor organisation (Free:Formers).

The running my own business part:

I’m currently working part-time at Free:Formers learning amazing digital skills and moving into product development. Working part-time is great as it means I can spend my days off focusing on Packed Munches. There are loads of people that manage to pull off working 9-5 for a company and then working 5-9 on their home businesses. After giving it a go for a few months, I have a new found respect for those people as it is hard. I’m talking H-A-R-D. And don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not one to shy away from hard work but it is also exhausting and this is what beat me in the end.

I was so tired and had the constant feeling of not sleeping that I ended up turning into a cross between a grumpy bear and Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. It was not pretty. Luckily Free:Formers saw what was happening and were happy for me to move into part-time work. I use a lot of the skills I’m learning at Free:Formers to develop my business – it started with coding and has moved on to social media – which means that both the business and my work at Free:Formers is constantly evolving

It’s too early to tell how this is going – all I know is I feel like a new born child. Everything is new and I’m trying to hold on to all the gems of information I’m being exposed to. As usual I’ll keep you updated here but in the meantime I bid you good day sir. 🙂

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