Black British Herstory

For some reason it can be so hard to find information about history or information about Black British women. It’s so bizarre to think that Black women have been a part of British history since the Tudor times, given our erasure from history. So often black British history seems to begin with slavery and then jump straight to Windrush. I’ve been on a path of discovery and it only seems right to capture what I find here.

My first post doesn’t travel too far back in time, but it does celebrate one of my ultimate sheroes. Diane Abbott.

A is for Abbott: the first black woman ever to be elected to Parliament.

B is for Brown: the first black woman to serve in the British Navy.

C is for Charlotte : the first black member of the royal family.*

D is for Dido: the first black British aristocrat.*

E is for Evelyn:  the first black woman to sing on BBC radio.

*She may not be the first but one of the first we can trace