A room full of crazy geniuses part 1

People who know how work for people who know why.

What happens when you take 35 21-29 year olds wantrepreneurs put them up in a hostel without WiFi and tell them they have two days to bond?

You want to say genius right? WRONG. You get a group of individuals that go so crazy they resort to building bumble hives and leaning towers of success.

Leaning tower of success

So my title was slightly misleading but my first two days of the NEF programme (the New Entrepreneurs Foundation) felt like an introduction into both crazy and genius and has led to the acceptance that in order to be a great entrepreneur, or more importantly in order to be successful in life, you have to accept the out-of-ordinary. Quite simply think out of the box. Nothing made us do this more than David Buffin of Buffin Leadership International who led us for one and half days through activities designed to inspire us to success.

Let me help you visualise this: We started each session dancing to 80s/90s dance music – and I’m not talking the good stuff. We screamed, we jumped and hugged one another. We wondered where he had been sent from to punish us and how we could return him (this was obviously the WiFi withdrawal kicking in hard). We learnt. We learnt. We learnt.

I repeat this not because we learnt continuously, or incessantly, but because what we learnt was empowering. We were given the tools to succeed, through careful identification of our goals – the results we want to achieve, how we communicate. I learnt how to evaluate not just my team-mates but use the evaluation forms to self-evaluate my work within teams and with others. We learnt the tools to building trust, how this impacts on customers and your colleagues.

If you look carefully you can see the bumblebee costumes
If you look carefully you can see the bumblebee costumes

If I share anything with you it will be this – take an hour each day to evaluate how you are doing, evaluate what results you want to achieve and how you are going about achieving this. More in the next post.


** For those eagle-eyed readers you’ll remember I posted about NEF in the past, more about my journey into NEF in my next post!

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